[1939 134L Engine]
[Timing Chain]

1939 Willys-Overland 'Model 39'
The 134L engine gets removed, sandblasted, repainted and has polished stainless steel  hardware added.
The correct head for the 1939 Overland.
Casting #637014. This head replaced the Ford GPW head that it wore when I purchased the car.
Here's the Carter W-O carburetor. Picture shot prior to rebuilding and cleanup of the carburetor and linkage.
The Generator is the 25 ampere model from AutoLite that was standard equipment on the Deluxe's.


The front suspension got new king pins, Timken bearings, shocks and tie rod ends. Also, it lost about 8 pounds of caked-on grease/dirt. POR-15 will keep it rust-free. Chassis black on top of that.
A good time to replace the timing chain. It had stretched quite a bit in 61 years.