1939 Willys-Overland 'Model 39'
Documentation (.pdf files)
Thanks go to the WOKR for making copies of original Willys-Overland literature available to its members. Although some of these pdf files were made from my own originals, many others were made from copies of originals that are in the WOKR library.
From the Garage

Repair & Tune-Up 8.8mb
Contains illustrated service procedures and specifications for the 1939 Overland Model 39.

Technical Data 2.2mb
A synopsis of key data about the engine & car and all the maintenance procedures conveniently located in one publication.. It was issued by the Willys-Overland service department in January 1939.  
Wagner-Lockheed Brake Service 7mb A factory-to-dealer publication meant to familiarize the dealership mechanics with the upcoming 1939 hydraulic brakes.
Model 39 Parts List
An extremely useful publication listing every part, nut, bolt and washer used in the Model 39. 
Mechanic's Manual
This is the factory service manual for 1939-1948 Willys and Overlands.

From the Factory

Factory Letter 34kb
A typewritten response to an information request from a prospective buyer. These were sent out by the Willys-Overland factory.
Factory Envelope 14kb
A standard size mailing envelope with a Willys-Overland Toledo, Ohio factory return address.

From the Mailbox

Dealer Post Card 585kb
A direct mail "post card" invitation to drive the 1939 Overland.
From the Showroom
Showroom Brochure 6.8mb
A 3-color 16 page brochure about the 1939 Overland models.
Vehicle Color Chart 9.4mb
Shows the available body colors and combinations.
Approved Accessories Guide 2mb
A great primer in what "optional" equipment was available and what it looked like.

From the Salesman's Pocket

Advance Facts Book 6.3mb
A salesman's best friend, it was small in size but huge in information. 
From the Glove Compartment
Owners Manual
This vehicle Operation & Care Manual is another good source of information.